What is a Cloud Smart Strategy?

"Cloud Smart" is an approach that emphasizes the selective adoption of cloud technologies based on meeting specific business criteria, specifically safety and security risks. We believe that businesses should adopt cloud technologies when they make sense financially and when they meet rigid security standards. We help guide our clients through this process, helping them set appropriate business criteria in order to make the adoption of cloud technologies a fluid process..


At Dakota Cloud Networks, we help our clients understand their goals and set effective strategies for moving all or components of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. We give our clients a detailed roadmap that achieves the specific vision that is right for their company.


We'll start by understanding your business goals and developing a business cases for moving your applications to the cloud.


We will develop a cloud architecture that is fast, reliable, and secure, often times leveraging multiple cloud providers to meet all of your business objectives.


Our smart and capable cloud engineers will work to seamlessly migrate your existing technologies to the cloud and keep you working as normal in the process.


We will maintain, monitor, and adapt your new set of cloud technologies to grow with you as your business needs change and evolve over time.