We’ll guide you through the process of moving to the cloud

  • Strategic Planning

    Tired of spending big money every 3 years on new servers and networking equipment? We'll show you a clear path to the cloud and a clear path to financial predictability.

  • Implementation

    We have the team and the expertise to migrate your existing IT environment to our cloud, taking the burden off of you and allowing you to stay focused on running your business.

  • Ongoing Strategy & Support

    All cloud resources need to be properly managed. Dakota Cloud Networks is here to make sure your platform is fast, secure and reliable at all times.

Let us be the cloud experts so you can simply focus on the



Access all of your apps from any device without the need to install them on your computer.


Get to your email from anywhere using your favorite email client.


Securely access your files from any of your applications without the worry of backing them up.

We deliver cloud solutions for companies of all sizes


In today’s world, speed is everything. Whether you have 5 users or 50,000 users, performance is critical. We use the latest cloud technologies to ensure fast access for our customers to their IT resources.


Security of your information and your customers’ information is critical to your business. We employ the latest security technologies to ensure that your data is safe from prying eyes.


When you turn on the lights, you just expect them to come on. The same should be true for your apps and infrastructure. We leverage cutting edge technologies to make sure that they are always available.


We’d love to talk and discuss how we can help you!

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We’d love to talk and discuss how we can help you!